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ESAB first introduced SmartCycle in 2003, reducing cycle times by skipping initial height sensing. Now SmartCycle Technology is extended to integrate the Vision T5 CNC, Smart Voltage Height Control, the m3 Plasma™ system, and Columbus III programming software. By integrating all of these systems to work seamlessly together, ESAB delivers the best, most automated system for enhancing plasma cutting productivity and reducing cycle time.

With SmartCycle Technology, no operator or programmer intervention is required. The Columbus software automatically identifies where optimization can be made, and adjusts the nest as required. The Vision T5 CNC, Smart Voltage Height Control, and m3 Plasma™ system work hand-in-hand to produce the highest quality parts in the shortest time possible.

With SmartCycle Technology you get:

• Faster Cycle Time

SmartCycle Technology is all about eliminating unproductive time and motion. By skipping initial height sensing where possible, and eliminating the full torch retract after every cut, the total time required to cut a nest can be dramatically reduced.

• Increased Productivity

Depending on part geometry, productivity gains can be significant. Nests filled with smaller parts with more holes will see dramatic improvements. Nests with large part and few holes will also see some benefit.

• Easier Operation

The power of ESAB's integration is the ability to control all process tools and systems through the Vision CNC. This level of integration makes operation easier, and allows the CNC to automate more of the system through advanced programming.

• Single Source Responsibility

Since we at ESAB make the entire system, write our own software, and stands behind everything we make, there's no need for you to juggle multiple vendors to support individual components. One call to ESAB is all it takes to get professional support for your entire system.

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