2-Way, on-off, 3-Way, 4 & 5-Way Plastic Valves

Product Announcement from EVSCO, Inc.

2-Way, on-off, 3-Way, 4 & 5-Way Plastic Valves-Image

EVSCO the FLOW SOLUTION COMPANY manufactures Elliptic & Elliptomatic Valves as an Alternative to Ball Valves with Superior Performance in Demanding OEM Applications for Manual, Pneumatic or Electric Actuated 2-Way through 5-Way Flow Styles with 1/8" through 2" Porting also Stack Valves with Single Operation of Multiple Valves Inert Polypropylene or PVDF Construction.


· 2-Way On/Off, Throttling, Dribble Fill DMC Control

· 2 Position 3-Way Continuous Flow for In-Line Sampling, Flow Diversion, or Bypass

· 3 Position 3-Way Many 3 Port Solutions with Shut-Off

· 4 Position 3-Way 3 Port Multi Flow Solution

· 3-Way Mixing and Proportioning Valves 1 Inlet to 2 Outlets or 2 Inlets to 1 Outlet

· 4-Way Valves Crossover Solutions and Selector Styles

· 5-Way Bottom Entry Selector and Multi Flow Solutions

· Stack Valves Operate Multi Valves with one Actuation, Manual, Electric or Air

· Flow Solutions Guide Available for review or engineering discussions

· Electric Actuation All Voltages, Reversing, Unidirectional and DMC

· Air Actuation Air to Air or Air to Spring (Fail Safe) Proportioning

· Mounting Hardware Mounting Brackets, Arms, Valve Extensions for Panel Mounting

· Fittings Many configurations

EVSCO's Valve use:

  • Standard and Unique Flow Solutions Available
  • Superior OEM Performance / Rugged Design Standards
  • Alternative Solution to the Ball (True Union) Valve
  • Manual, Electric, or Pneumatic Actuation
  • 2-Way, 3-Way, 4 & 5-Way Valve Systems
  • Stack Multiple Valves with 1 Actuator / Cost Savings / View "Stack Valve Systems"
  • Flow Solution Engineering / View "Flow Solutions"
  • Available in FNPT sizes 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1½", 2"
  • Full Ported, No Internal Restrictions,
  • Certifiable FDA Grade Polypropylene or FDA grade PVDF Systems
  • Government Cage Code Approval
  • No metal in contact with Liquid
  • On-Off
  • Throttling
  • Proportioning
  • Flow Diversion
  • Mixing
  • Tube Fittings or Hose Fittings
  • Extended Body Stem (Handle) available for Panel Mounting
  • Mounting Brackets to capture or support

In-Line Maintenance

All Elliptic and Elliptomatic Valves completely disassemble In-Line. Remove Handle, Slide Valve Apart for cleaning or Maintenance. Reassemble and you're back in operation.