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Solids Mass Flow Meter: Food Industry

Product Announcement from Eastern Instruments

Solids Mass Flow Meter: Food Industry-Image


Eastern Instruments' Solids Flow Measurement devices allow precise and accurate flow measurement and control of virtually any aspect of food processing and manufacturing. For accurate flow measurement and control, Eastern Instruments offers various products that can measure almost any flowable solid including nuts, beans, cereals, snack foods and even ingredients like sugar or spices.


Rail Car Unloading/Storage

The patented CentriFlow Meter is perfect for measuring materials being offloaded from trucks or rail cars for storage in silos. Items like beans, nuts, rice, etc. can all be accurately measured to control inventory and minimize costly overfills or underfills of the silos.

Liquid Spray Coating

A CentriFlow® Meter is perfect for both measuring and controlling the flow of feed pellets entering either a screw mixer or tumbler for the application of a liquid spray coating. The meter's electronics can be routed to a PLC that can use the meter's signal to properly ratio the feed pellets with the liquid spray being added to the pellets for a much more consistent end product.

Seasoning Potato Chips

A CentriFeeder can be used to measure the flow of potato chips entering a seasoning tumbler, while a CentriFlow® Meter can measure the flow of seasoning being added to the chips. The signal from the CentriFlow® Meter and CentriFeeder can be routed to either a PLC or to a Master HMI that will allow the proper ratio of chips and seasoning to enter the tumbler.

We have many great applications in the food industry and we can help you optimize your process with our solids flow measurement product line. Contact us today for more information!

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