PET Film Substrate Manufacturing

Product Announcement from Eastman Kodak Company

PET Film Substrate Manufacturing-Image


Kodak is the second oldest polyester producer in the world. We currently manufacture over 75 different materials that have the physical properties that are required for optical market applications. The differences in materials are the result of different thicknesses, support tints and functional layers applied. What differentiates Kodak from other polyester manufactures is our ability to coat multiple layers in-line as the polyester is manufactured.


A cushion of air is used through the stretching section to transport Estar film through the manufacturing process. This virtually eliminates contact that can cause micro scratches on the film.

Kodak Estar film (PET)

Thickness: 2.5 mil to 7 mil (0.0025" to 0.0070")
Width: 54"
Transmittance: > 90%
Haze: < 1%
Dimensional stability: < 0.5%
Coatings – applied in line: Up to five, two on one side and 3 on the other
Coating types – in line: Aqueous primers, adhesion promoters, anti-static, conductive polymers, metal oxides, gel