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Solvent Recovery

Product Announcement from Eastman Kodak Company

Solvent Recovery-Image

Kodak recovers millions in recycled solvents

With a goal of 100% recovery of unavoidable byproducts, Kodak's world class solvent recovery unit can help companies eliminate waste and reduce the ecological impact, while delivering millions of dollars in cost recovery in the form of recycled high purity chemicals from spent solvent streams. Let us show you how.

DKSH/Kodak in high-value chemicals agreement

DKSH and Kodak's Specialty Chemicals unit have entered into an international distribution agreement to market high value specialty chemicals produced by Kodak to the graphics, electronics, liquid crystal display, polymer, and film coating industries.

Kodak: revenue streams and solvent streams

Kodak recently gained access to Asian markets for its high value specialty chemicals through an international distribution agreement with DKSH. Its Solvent Recovery unit also is helping companies eliminate waste while delivering millions of dollars in cost recovery in the form of high purity chemicals recycled from spent solvents.

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