Eaton DCF Self-Cleaning Filter

Product Announcement from Eaton

Cleanable media - a better alternative.

The focus of our mechanically cleaned systems is the return on your investment they deliver.

Most users experience tremendously short payback periods - a benefit driven by four key factors:

• Eliminated media disposal costs

• A highly concentrated waste stream

• Dramatically reduced product loss

• Reduced (or eliminated) operator intervention

Add it all up and it's easy to see why mechanically cleaned filtration is a prime example of leading-edge innovation from Eaton.

A choice of actuation methods Because no two applications are alike, we offer a wide range of actuation methods to meet the unique characteristics of your process.

Twin - Designed for highly viscous or abrasive liquids, our Twin Series isolates the actuation mechanism from the filtrate with a bridged actuation system. The benefit is a long operating life in challenging conditions. Various types of cartridge seals, along with an optional Fluid Seal, keep the integrity of the seal.

Standard - Suitable for a broad range of conditions, our Standard Series delivers simple, reliable operation with water-like liquids. Standard designs are ideal where a low initial investment is a key driving factor. Various types of cartridge seals, along with an optional FluidSeal, keep the integrity of the seal.

2000 - The 2000 Series was designed specifically for paper coating applications. The 2000's mechanical rotating seal with water quench is optimized for its rotary actuation to deliver reliable, continuous operation.