Fiber Optic Power Monitor

Product Announcement from EigenLight Corp.

Fiber Optic Power Monitor-Image

In-Line Optical Power Measurement for Fiber Optic Systems

EigenLight's Series 300 Optical Power Monitors provide continuous readout of optical power being carried by an optical fiber cable. Unlike conventional power meters, EigenLight monitors are useful for measuring optical power in live test sets and fiber optic systems. These devices can be installed in the most sensitive optical circuit without affecting performance and without the need to disconnect for power measurement. EigenLight's patented low-power ASIC chip enables a typical battery life of 3-years, making the power monitor an environmentally friendly technology that is also convenient for a variety of in-system applications.


  • Absolute or relative power readout
  • Typical battery life 3 years
  • Auto Power On/Off (Light activated)
  • Dual LCD displays for easy viewing
  • Optional Analog output for datalogging
  • Available in most fiber types