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Epoxylite® Hi Temp Epoxies are two-component, heat-cured, 100% solids systems. They are supplied in kits containing the appropriate weight of Resin and Hardener. The Resin component is typically a viscous liquid or paste. The Hardener is a finely divided powder. They are available with a range of viscosities and fillers, making them suitable for use as adhesives, sealants, filleting compounds, and potting compounds. All of the Hi Temp Epoxies are solventless.


Epoxylite® Hi Temp Epoxies offer excellent adhesion to metals, ceramics and most plastics. Hi Temp Epoxies are more rigid than conventional epoxies, a characteristic that should be considered in the application. Whereas conventional epoxies exhibit a marked loss of strength at temperatures in the 120-150°C (248-302°F) range and demonstrate poor thermal stability on aging, the Hi Temp Epoxies maintain excellent physical and electrical properties to at least 260°C (500°F), remaining serviceable to 315°C (600°F) or higher for short periods.

Hi Temp Epoxies are uniquely suited for applications requiring resistance to chemical attack at elevated temperatures including exposure to boiling acid, alkali and solvents. Only the strongest concentrations of acids, such as bright dip at elevated temperatures will soften the material. They provide superior radiation resistance and low outgassing characteristics.

These Epoxylite® Hi Temp Epoxy Systems have since found other specialized applications, from adhesives for high temperature strain gauges to laminating resins for bushing insulation in nuclear submarines.

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