Non-Metallic Conduit for Solar Installations

Product Announcement from Electri-Flex Company

Non-metallic flexible conduits are made without a metal core and are ideal for corrosive environments, high flexing applications and where weight might be an issue. Applications include outdoor use, including HVAC units, pools and spas, as well as wiring harnesses, laboratory equipment and fiber optics. Materials used are flexible and rigid PVC. Conduit Types NM, NMHT and NM2 work with connector Types NMLT and NMSC.

Type NM is a general purpose non-metallic liquid-tight conduit offering excellent protection to wiring from abrasions, sunlight, mild acids, alkaline and oils. It is made out of rigid PVC and is UL Listed and CSA Certified. It is often used in air conditioning hook-ups and other outdoor applications. Type NMHT is similar to Type NM, but able to withstand high temperature environments. Temperature ranges include -20°C to 105°C in dry conditions, to 60°C in wet conditions and to 70°C in oily conditions. Type NMHT is also UL Listed and CSA Certified. Conduit Type NM2 is an extra-flexible liquid-tight non-metallic tubing made out of both flexible and rigid PVC. It cuts, bends and installs easily and is ideal for wiring protection in tight quarters. Type NM2 is perfect for OEM applications including wiring harnesses, laboratory equipment and fiber optics. NM2 is UL Recognized.

The non-metallic series provides a range of benefits based on the application and requirements. Type NM provides excellent protection from sunlight and is ideal for outdoor use and even direct burial applications. Type NMHT provides protection in high temperature environments and can be used for solar projects. Type NM2 is a lightweight tubing that cuts easily and installs quickly, ideal for installations in tight quarters and bends. The Connectors NMLT and NMSC complete the series and create a cost competitive, liquid-tight system.

Connector Type's NMLT and NMSC are UL Listed and come in both straight and 90's. They are liquid-tight IP-65, which is equivalent to NEMA 4 and can withstand spraying water from entering. Type NMLT is a two piece connector, available in both black and gray and available in sizes 3/8" thru 2". Type NMSC is a one piece connector and available only in gray sizes 1/2" and 3/4".

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