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CompletePower Drives

Product Announcement from ElectroCraft

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ElectroCraft CompletePower Drives

With meticulous engineering and advanced electronics, our CompletePower speed controls and servo drives offer unprecedented reliability and precision servo motion control. From precision medical dosing systems to the rugged performance of industrial automation systems, our CompletePower devices can handle a wide variety of applications.

Which ElectroCraft CompletePower Drive?


We have several versions of our CompletePower motion control products to meet your diverse application requirements. Drive performance includes simple 2-quadrant speed control to full 4-quadrant servo control with both encoder feedback and tachometer feedback options available. CompletePower drives operate from 11 to 360VDC with continuous currents from 3 to 30 Amps.

Not sure if one of our CompletePower drives will fit your application? Our expert team of engineers are here to help you with every aspect of your product design by mating one of our standard product offerings to meet your requirement or we can custom design a motor to meet your specific needs.

Contact us today and let us help power your innovation.

Typical applications for CompletePower drives:

- Medical (CAT scanners, transfusion pumps)
- Semiconductor (feeders, SMD placement)
- Electronics (feeders, lithography)
- Aerospace (flight recorders, autopilots)
- Cash / ticket machines (dispensers, card readers)
- Factory Automation (conveyors, handling systems)
- Industrial Automation (printing / winding / textiles)
- Instrumentation (microscopes, precision scales)
- Lab Equipment (dosing, pumps, analysis equipment)
- Robotics (service & humanoid robots)
- Security (camera, access &, gate systems)

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