Product Announcement from Electro-Miniatures Corporation

Custom Electrical Slip Ring Assemblies-Image

Depending on the customer's design requirements, these devices may be specified by the customer or by Electro-Miniatures to optimize the performance and price requirements of the system. Some examples of custom assemblies include: Key Features Single piece structure

24 circuits at 1500 volts

100 circuits at signal/data level

Operating speed at 1500 RPM

Integrated Slip Ring/Resolver Construction:

Completely connectorized and EMI sealed

36 signal circuits and 2.5 milli Ohm case ground ring

Integrated resolver

Compact Pancake-Type Construction:

2 coaxial 7MHz, 75 Ohm circuits

30 low power, 87 signal and data circuits

Meets Mil-E-16400 Naval Requirements

Land-Based Antenna System:

Circuit quantity of 45 with a mixture of signal, 10 amp power and 15 MHz video

Life requirement of 50 million revolutions

Completely connectorized on flying cables

Rugged Vehicular Configuration:

150 amp power and ground circuit

12 coaxial, 4 at 25 amps, 6 at 5 amps and 84 signal circuits

Environmentally sealed

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