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Custom Fiber Optic Cables - MTP Fanouts - More!

Product Announcement from Electro Standards Laboratories

Custom Fiber Optic Cables - MTP Fanouts - More!-Image

Electro Standards manufactures custom Fiber Optic Network Cables to meet your exact specs.

Three easy ways to get your custom fiber cable assemblies:

1) Complete and submit your Custom Fiber Optic Cable Design Worksheet or

2) Contact Sales Engineers at 401-943-1164 or

3) E-mail at

We've Got Fiber! All Types!

Fiber Optic MTP®/MPO Fan Out Cable Assemblies

  • 12 Fiber "Plug and Play"
  • MTP®/MPO connector for quick connection of 12 fibers
  • 12 times the density of SC connectors
  • Factory terminated and tested
  • Save duct space and installation time
  • Push/Pull mating for quick installation
  • Single-mode and multi-mode fiber
  • Quick-connect cassettes for extra-easy termination

MTP/MPO 12-Fiber Patch Cords

1x1, 2x2, 3x3, or 6x6 Multi Ribbon MTP® Trunk Cable

  • 12, 24, 36 or 72-fiber trunk cable
  • MTP®/MPO Connectors, male or female on ends
  • 50/125µm, 62.5/125µm fiber
  • Numbered legs each side for easy connection and installation
  • Crush resistant plenum
  • Efficiently distribute multiple fiber strands from point-to-point

Terminated Fiber, Multi-mode, 50/125µm, 62.5/125µm or Single Mode, 9/125µm - All Lengths!

  • All connector combinations including: LC, SC, FC, ST, FDDI, ESCON, MTRJ and more.
  • Duplex, Simplex, PVC or Plenum
  • Ceramic connectors for low signal loss
  • High reliability, long life quality cables
  • Near-unlimited bandwidth at high speeds over long distances
  • Totally immune to electrical interference

VersaLink Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) Patch Cord

  • Ideal for Casino / Gaming VLT Network Applications

Simplex, Non-Latching
VersaLink Plastic Optical Fiber Patch Cords feature the Versatile Link connectors providing ready made solutions for rapid installations for any industrial or commercial application utilizing the Avago Technologies Versatile Link transceivers. Cables are available in standard and custom lengths. Versalink cables can be simplex or duplex cable featuring either latching or non-latching connectors.

The simplex cables are constructed with a single step-index plastic optical fiber sheathed in a black polyethylene jacket. The duplex cables are constructed with two step-index plastic optical fibers sheathed in a black polyethylene jacket.


  • Industrial data links for factory automation and plant control
  • IntraSystem links (board-to-board, rack-to-rack)
  • Telecommunications switching systems
  • Computer-to-peripheral data links (PC bus extension)
  • Proprietary LANs
  • Digitized video
  • Medical instruments
  • High voltage isolation
  • Gaming terminal networks

Electro Standards will be pleased to quote all of your requirements.

Click here to see our complete line of standard and custom fiber optic network cables.

Electro Standards can also supply your Fiber Optic Switch requirements.

All data communication products from Electro Standards are available for export.

Electro Standards Laboratories – Advanced Systems Design & Services