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QuickSwitch® 6282 Fiber Optic SC Duplex AB Switch-Image

QuickSwitch® 6282 Fiber Optic SC Duplex AB Switch with 850 nm and Remote allows the user the capability of accessing two separate Fiber Optic networks or devices, ports A & B, via connection through a network or device connected to the Common port. 

The Quick-Switch® 6282 employs Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) based multi-mode switches.  Insertion losses are less than 2.5 dB.  The Model 6282 supports gigabit network switching. The switch may be controlled manually via front panel pushbutton or remotely from an RS-232 serial port located on the rear of the unit. 

Switch position status may be attained via the front panel LED display or the remote RS-232 serial port (DB9) located on the rear of the unit.

If power to the QuickSwitch® 6282 is lost, the switch will maintain its current position and continue to pass data.

Model 6282 QuickSwitch Fiber Optic Switch Features:

  • Wavelength: 850 nm
  • Optical Scalability
  • Bit-Rate Transparent
  • Service/Protocol Transparent
  • A, B and COMMON ports are SC Duplex Multimode, 62.5/125 µm and support a wavelength of 850 nm. 
  • A/B Front-Panel Pushbutton
  • Front-Panel Tri-State LEDs Display Switch Position
  • Remote Control via RS232 (DB9) serial port with the M6282 A/B Switch
  • Remote access is password protected. 
  • MEMS-based Multimode Mirror Switch provides Gigabyte Network Switching. This high-quality network switch is available to city, state, and federal government purchasers at a discounted price and favorable payment and shipping terms via GSA Schedule GS-35F-0286V. Click here or on GSA icon for details.   
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