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Lithium Battery Powers Critical Engine Datalogger

Product Announcement from Electrochem Solutions, Inc.

Lithium Battery Powers Critical Engine Datalogger-Image

Electrochem's Lithium Cells were chosen to power the MS1520 commercial aircraft datalogger, developed by a world-leading aircraft engine manufacturer. The MS1520 is used to monitor critical engine thermocouple temperatures throughout the flight envelope.

Electrochem's product was determined to be the cell of choice in this application after other battery manufacturers could not guarantee operation at altitudes where the datalogger would be in use. The data gathered in flight is vital as thermocouple temperatures help determine the life and health of the engine. Utilization of the Electrochem product ensures the device will work reliably and for long durations under severe conditions as required.

A battery pack comprised of Electrochem's Moderate Rate D size cells, rated to 150 degrees Celsius, was chosen for the application due to its persistent ability to withstand extreme shock and vibration in the engine compartment on the commercial aircraft. The product offers high capacity in a small, light weight package that fits into the restricted engine area. The battery pack also contains built in lightning protection that prevents currents from reaching the battery cells in the event of a strike.

Electrochem offers battery technology solutions in non-rechargeable and rechargeable chemistries, including lithium primary and secondary, nickel, and lead acid, for critical military and aerospace applications. Contact Us today to learn more.