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Galil's New Controller with Ethernet/RS232

Product Announcement from Electromate

Galil's New Controller with Ethernet/RS232-Image

Galil Motion Control, manufacturer of high-performance motion controllers and plug-in drives, announces their new DMC-40x0 Ethernet/RS232 controller family, the latest addition to its ultra high-speed Accelera controllers. This augments Galil's DMC-18x6 PCI controllers which spearheaded the launch of the successful Accelera series last year. The Accelera series represents Galil's 5th generation of motion controllers which are notable for their powerful, 32-bit RISC-based microcomputer that delivers much higher speed and processing power than previous generation controllers.

"These Accelera controllers sizzle with speed," explains Lisa Wade, VP-Marketing & Sales, Galil. "They accept encoder inputs at frequencies up to 22 MHz, provide servo update rates as high as 32 kHz, and execute program instructions within 40 microseconds."

The DMC-40x0 is a packaged, full-featured motion controller that operates in a standalone configuration or interfaced to a PC via its Ethernet 10/100Base-T or RS232 ports. The controller is available packaged with multi-axis drives which eliminates the need for external, separate drives and minimizes wiring. The first multi-axis drive product for the DMC-40x0 is the AMP-43040, a 4-axis amplifier for driving brush or brushless servo motors up to 500 Watts. Future product releases will include drives for stepper motors.

The DMC-40x0 comes in one- through eight-axis formats and, like all Galil controllers, lets the user purchase only the number of axes required. For example, a DMC-4030 would be specified for a 3-axis project, a DMC-4050 for a 5-axis project, and so on. Users are also able to synchronize multiple controllers for applications with more than eight axes; and can easily mix-and-match motor types in an application since each axis is user-configurable for stepper or servo motor operation.

The new controller handles virtually any mode of motion including: point-to-point positioning, position tracking, jogging, linear and circular interpolation, contouring, electronic gearing and ECAM. Advanced commands for coordinated motion include ellipse scaling, slow-down around corners, infinite segment feed and feedrate override. Precise motion control is achieved with advanced PID compensation, velocity feedforward, acceleration feedforward, integrator limits, notch filter, low-pass filter, backlash compensation, and servo update rates as high as 32 kHz.

The DMC-40x0 also provides expanded memory for up to 510 symbolic variables, 16,000 array elements in 30 arrays, and application program space for up to 2000 lines x 80 characters. It allows multitasking for simultaneously running up to eight programs and fast I/O processing for precisely synchronizing motion with external events.

The new controller includes both digital and analog I/O for interfacing to external sensors. Standard, optically isolated inputs for each axis include a forward limit, reverse limit and homing input. The controller also features 8 uncommitted isolated inputs and 8 uncommitted isolated outputs for the 1- through 4-axis models, and 16 inputs and 16 outputs for the 5- through 8-axis models. Isolated outputs are high power for driving brakes or relays. In addition to isolated I/O, the DMC-40x0 provides 32 3.3V I/O. The DMC-40x0 also has 8 uncommitted analog inputs which allow the controller to interface with analog sensors such as joysticks and temperature sensors. Inputs from two separate encoders are accepted for each servo axis.

The DMC-40x0 is compact and measures just 8.1" x 7.25" x 1.72" for the 1- through 4-axis models and 11.5" x 7.25" x 1.72" for the 5- through 8-axis models. The controller and drive unit operates from a single 20-80 VDC supply. Signals are accessible through convenient d-type connectors.

Like all Galil controllers, the Accelera Series use Galil's popular, English-like command language for easy programming, and has communication drivers available for all current versions of Windows, Linux and .NET. Galil's popular WSDK servo design software simplifies system set-up with "one-button" servo tuning and real-time display of position and velocity information.

The DMC-4040 four axis controller is $2295 US in single quantity and $1195 US in 100 quantities, and the DMC-4080 eight-axis controller is $3195 US in single quantity and $1795 US in quantities of 100. The DMC-40x0 is available for immediate shipment.

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