I-PAK Pharmaceutical Labeling Validation

Product Announcement from Electronic Solutions Company, Inc.

I-PAK Pharmaceutical Labeling Validation -Image

I-PAK can be used on all packaging lines to perform a broad array of visual inspections to ensure the correct packaging components are being used as well as provide data tracking and print quality verification.

• Label inspection (sell-by dates, item and batch data, label ID, NDC)
• Checking inserts/outserts and cartons
• Inspection of the print quality and readability of labels
• Fast reading and verification of the print quality for a variety of barcodes and symbols
• Complies with FDA standard "21 CFR Part 11"
• Supports up to 4 cameras per Visionscape board

Based on the powerful Visionscape softwre, Visionscape I-PAK offers a truly comprehensive selection of well-proven image processing tools. The graphical interface makes creating and implementing applications fast and easy. visionscape I-PAK provides 100% verification of every product on the line.
Fail Safe Identification
Visionscape I-PAK provides fail-safe identification of incorrect or illegible characters while tolerating normal print variation. Proven OCV (optical character verification) algorithms adapt to acceptable changes in preprinted or overprinted codes to reduce false rejects.
Visionscape I-PAK also provides very high speed and accurate decoding of Data Matrix and 1-D bar codes, including RSS. Advanced image processing algorithms perform even when Data Matrix codes are damaged or distorted due to printing or viewing distortions. Advanced error correction algorithms ensure that codes are decoded correctly.
Image Processing Tasks

- Label inspection
- Checking inserts
- Inspection of print quality
- Readability of labels
- Fast reading and verification of print quality
- 1D, RSS, and Data Matrix codes

Application Examples
- Date/Lot code verification
- Component ID verification
- Product Inspection
- Bright stock identification
- RSS decoding

Configuration Options
Visionscape I-Pak is available as a board and software or system enclosure configuration. The board and software option is intended for OEM customers that will supply the required PC and mechanical enclosure.

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