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Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Inventory Control Software

This system helps track PCB's through a manufacturing process from the blank board to the final assembly. Boards are scanned before and after test or assembly operations for verification that the prior steps were completed successfully.

  • Product traceability
    • Enables the customer to track and verify PCB's throughout the manufacturing process

  • Discrete I/O
    • Provides interfaces to manufacturing equipment as necessary

  • Production logging
    • Creates a trip report for the PCB

  • Test logic
    • Prevents boards from skipping steps

This web based system allows you to track your printed circuit boards throughout the manufacturing process. Boards enter a station, the bar code is scanned, the data is validated, and the database is updated. The goal of this system to provide individual part traceability while preventing a station from being skipped in the manufacturing process. This system only has visual error messages to alert the operator when there is an error.

A parent child relationship is setup in the database. This allows the finished product to be scanned to show all the components and steps along the way. It would be very easy to incorporated Discrete Outputs for the bar code reader to fire from an error message. This could stop the line, turn on a light, or whatever is necessary.

Electronic Solutions recommends the Microscan Quadrus Mini Velocity product line of 2D readers for datamatrix code reading on the fly. Microscan bar code readers are fully featured to read linear bar codes or 2D symbologies in static or moving applications, these Microscan bar code readers are ideal for any application needing high performance 2D code reading in a fully integrated package. High decode speeds and superior light collection allows the Velocity to meet the needs of applications that have line speeds of several meters a second.

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