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Modern life is dependent on flow-the flow of information, fuel, power, water, heat, coolant, braking energy, and all the other resources it takes to keep us going. But, what keeps the hoses going?

Accurate, reliable testing programs from Element Materials Technology laboratories helps businesses like yours plan around the performance of your critical hoses, lines, and flow systems.

Element Des Moines retains a staff of experienced scientists and technicians who are trained to evaluate a vast range of products and materials by an equally broad set of tests and standards. In addition to assisting manufacturers with research, design, product performance, and failure analysis, Element experts also frequently consult on insurance, law enforcement, and litigation cases. Element knows how to conduct accurate, reliable hose and automotive product test services, and get you the answers you need.

Test Services and Standards:

  • Brake Hose
    FMVSS 106 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard)
    Australian Design Rule 7/00
    Canadian TM 106
    Hydraulic Hose
    SAE J1401
    SAE J1833
    SAE J343
    SAE J1405
  • Pneumatic (air) Hose
    SAE J1402
    SAE D844
    SAE J1131
  • Vacuum Hose
    SAE J1403
  • Radiator Coolant System Hose
    SAE J20
  • Fuel Hose (Main)
    USCG 183.590 (U.S. Coast Guard)
    SAE J1587
  • Suction Hose
    USDA 5100-184B (US Department of Agriculture)
    Anhydrous Ammonia
    RMA IP-14

Meeting Standards
Element Des Moines is part of the Element Materials Technology group. Our quality program meets the ISO/IEC Guide 17025 standards (equivalent to the relevant laboratory requirements of the ISO 9002 series of standards.

Element automotive testing services include:

Environmental Simulation
Salt spray

Towing Products Testing
Regulation compliance
Fatigue cycling
Weld quality
Corrosion resistance
Coating thickness
Nondestructive testing

Glass Testing
Safety glazing
Laminated & tempered
Glass/plastic (annealed & tempered)
Plastic (rigid & flexible)
Weathering, aging, impact, abrasion, ballistics, etc.

Metallurgical Analysis
Fatigue cycling
Failure analysis
Material properties

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