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Kitpackers offers customers even greater flexibility and opportunity to customize their use of adhesives. Bulk containers can be repackaged into smaller, user-friendly units. This not only simplifies the use of products in the field but can also help in reducing scrap or contamination. Kitpackers has been recognized and approved by many of our largest suppliers as an authorized re-packager of adhesive products. Located adjacent to our corporate offices and a fully owned and operated division of Ellsworth, Kitpackers guarantees that Ellsworth can respond to the needs of our customers immediately if necessary.

The many advantages to our specialized custom packaging include:

Single Component, Multi-Component Reactive Resin Systems In-house Chemists and Quality Control Programs All Types of Packaging Available

Single Component Squeeze Bottles Mono Paks Foil Tubes Cartridges Syringes

Multi-Component Barrier Kits Injection Kits Twin Paks Dual Syringes Dual Cartridges Premixed and Frozen

Guaranteed Mix Ratios and Blendings Certification and Testing to Customer Specifications "User Friendly" Excellent for Field Repair Kits Material Savings Helps Control Dispensing "Job Size" Packets Reduce Health Concerns Lower Manufacturing Costs Eliminates Hazardous Waste Disposal Costs Eliminates Need for Capital Equipment

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