Islatrol® BC Series Active Tracking Filters®

Product Announcement from ASCO Power Technologies

Islatrol® BC Series Active Tracking Filters®-Image

If You Don't Prepare, You Could Face Dead Air.
Don't let AC power line spikes, transients, and noise put your broadcast operations at risk.

In a nanosecond, power surges, spikes, and transients can compromise the quality of your broadcasts - or worse yet - take you off the air.

That's why it's good to know you can trust Islatrol® BC Series Active Tracking Filters® (formerly Islatron) to protect your sensitive broadcast equipment from component degradation, malfunctions, and premature failure.

  • Exclusive Active Tracking Filter® design protects microprocessor components from deterioration and destruction
  • 15 - 160 kA surge protection
  • < .5 ns response time
  • RMS voltage input range: 120 to 600 volts
  • 10-year warranty

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