Product Announcement from Emhiser Research, Inc.

G-Band Transmitters - Cutting Edge Performance-Image

36 cubic inch Video Transmitter Programable or channelized, 4 frequency bands available, up to 40W output power.

G-BAND TRANSMITTERS provide cutting edge performance in the ever-increasing universe of G-band applications. Available now with power output ranging from 2 to 20 watts, and in models covering video, telemetry (analog), and digital versions. They are designed to meet the most stringent performance requirements of the airborne military environment. Prices are unmatched in the industry.

Model: EVTC-09G1D103-05

Package: 09 (9 Cubic Inches)

Type: Channelized

Frequency :4400 - 4999 MHz

Frequency Code :G1

Power: 10 W:

Coupling : DC

Preemphasis : Yes

Subcarrier: Yes

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