"No Worries" 3 Year UPS Protection Plan

Product Announcement from Energy Control Systems

"No Worries" 3 Year UPS Protection Plan-Image

Uncertainty, wonder, doubt, fear.... No those are not headlines from the USA Today or New York Times; although they could be given our current economic times! These are emotions that can suddenly capture you if the power fails and you have to immediately wonder if the UPS under your desk will support your PC and that deadline "project" that has consumed your energies for the past week.

Downtime costs the average business $280 a second in lost revenue and productivity. That's over a million dollars an hour. Do not let your business be lost in the dark. Start protecting your revenue and your bottom line today.

Is it not about time that you finally had some "certainty" in your business life? We thought so, and that is why we created the $99.00 - "Three Year No Worries Plan". For three full years we will cover 100% of any failure associated with your desktop battery backup unit*.

· If it alarms, call our toll free number for technical support.

· What if it fails to support your load in a blackout? Call our technical support department for over the phone evaluation. If the battery is dead we will send you a replacement battery.

· What if the unit dies? Call our technical support department and we will issue a call tag... have the unit picked up at our expense and a replacement sent to your office.

You have plenty of other more pressing matters in life to concern yourself with; your battery backup unit should not be one of them. Entrust that with ECS, with over 20 years of experience in the power quality and UPS field. Since 1987 we have been firmly committed to one thing - Exceptional Customer Service.

We encourage to act immediately on this offer. We have 100 contracts available at this price... after that the cost will escalate to $149 for 3 years or $99 for 2 years.

For complete details reply with the Promo Code below (3-Year) or call Terry Gotch at


*300va - 1000va only.