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With energy prices at the highest levels on record, and projections for a steady increase of almost 4% a year for the next 20 years. The average power bill will cost your company over $115,000 in additional energy expenses, just for using the same amount of energy you use today.

Additionally, utility companies are starting to charge penalties to companies with inefficient power usage. Your Power Factor is a rating of your facility's total power efficiency. Power Factors below .80-.85 are charged penalty fees by the utility company because they are drawing more current than they are actually using.

Inefficient equipment demands more current than it actually needs, which forces the utility to increase the amount of power supplied to your facility. This costs the utility in infrastructure and construction costs and the Power Factor Penalties are designed to help offset these costs. The minimum allowed Power Factor can either be set by the utility or local government. Fluorescent lights, electric motors, variable speed drives, computers, elevators and HVAC equipment all lower your building's Power Factor and increase your electric bill.


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