Polycarbonate Enclosures & Enclosure Accessories

Product Announcement from Energy Efficient Components (EEC)

Polycarbonate Enclosures & Enclosure Accessories-Image

Electrical NEMA enclosures & accessories for a variety of demanding industrial applications. Special features include fastening pods inside the cover, slots for printed circuit boards in the base, knockouts or plain sides, back or front mount cover, adjustable elevators for the base corner slots, enabling plates and panels to be mounted at any height. Optional enclosure accessories available.

Our product offering also includes terminal blocks, disconnect switches, electrical connectors, lighting fixtures, and electrical vehicle charging posts.

Among other segments, we work extensively in the renewable energy, water treatment, marine and offshore energy, and automation sectors. EEC's unparalleled service and logistics know-how ensure that Ensto and other quality products are always available to our customers throughout North America efficiently and on-time. Our extensive background in a variety of industries enables us to work closely with customers to provide specific solutions to their particular applications.