Product Announcement from Epilog Laser Corp.

Double Head Laser System-Image

Epilog Laser is releasing a new attachment exclusively for the Legend 36EXT. The Double Head Attachment allows for the laser system to engrave two identical products at the same time by splitting a single laser beam into two separate beams. The quick release, Double Head Attachment can be easily installed and removed from the laser and provides maximum production flexibility. It's almost like having another laser at a fraction of the cost due to the convenience and productivity of the Double Head Attachment.

"The Double Head Attachment is one more way that Epilog is continually adding new and exciting features to our products," said Mike Dean, sales and marketing director of Epilog Laser. "With the large 36" x 24" work area of the Legend 36EXT, users are able to dramatically increase their engraving and cutting throughput by adding the Double Head Attachment. Using a special Beam Diverting Lens the laser beam is split in two, providing the same high-definition engraving on two products at once!"

Contact Epilog today for a comprehensive brochure and laser cut/engraved samples!

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