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Low Temperature Resistant Potting Compounds

Product Announcement from Epoxies Etc...

Low Temperature Resistant Potting Compounds-Image

These two Polyurethane Potting Compounds from Epoxies, Etc. the 50-2185 and the 20-2135 prorvide provide outstanding thermal cycling properties, low temperature resistance, and low embedment stress to sensitive electronic components.

50-2185 is a filled 80 Shore A system exhibiting flexibility to -55°C, high thermal conductivity, and flame resistance meeting UL 94 V-O. These unique set of properties provide low component stress upon curing and extreme thermal cycling making 50-2185 ideal for protecting electronic assemblies in the solar and automotive markets.

20-2135 is an unfilled 35 Shore A, low viscosity system allowing quick penetration around electronic components. The low durometer and Tg (-55°C) provide a lower cost alternative for some silicone and polybutadiene based polyurethane applications.

Samples can be requested by completing the online form.

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