EPO-TEK® New Medical Adhesive Catalog

Product Announcement from Epoxy Technology

EPO-TEK® New Medical Adhesive Catalog-Image

Epoxy Technology announces its latest Specialty Medical Adhesives Brochure. This piece highlights our 18 USP Class VI Bio-Compatible Epoxies including 7 ISO-10993 Certified Materials: EPO-TEK 353ND, H20E, 301, 301-2, OG116-31, 377 and OD2002.

Our most recent 3 ISO-10993 certified products are EPO-TEK OG116-31, 377 & OD2002. OG116-31 is a UV Curable adhesive that can be fully cured with UV + 80°C for 2 hours.  377 & OD2002 are thermal cure, optical epoxies.  377 is a low viscosity, high Tg, low outgassing product, whereas OD2002 is a high Tg, low modulus epoxy with good toughness.

Our latest Specialty Medical Adhesive catalog also provides epoxy information and recommendations for applications including: sensors, instruments, hearing aids, dental equipment, pacemakers, endoscopes, catheter products and many others. To find out more information about these medical products or any EPO-TEK materials, please visit our Web site at epotek.com.

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