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CelliGen® BLU-Single-Use, Stirred-Tank Bioreactor

Product Announcement from Eppendorf, Inc.

Eppendorf is proud to announce the release of the next generation New Brunswick CelliGen BLU cabinet and the much anticipated 50L CelliGen BLU vessel offerings. Eppendorf's growing portfolio of New Brunswick CelliGen BLU rigid-walled, stirred-tank, single-use vessels now leads the market, offering a scalable range from 5 - 50 L total volume, all capable of being controlled from a single cabinet.

New Brunswick’s CelliGen BLU cell culture bioreactor combines single-use technology with the trusted performance and true scalability of a traditional stirred-tank design. CelliGen BLU has been engineered for high-density animal cell culture in research or production, using interchangeable, single-use, stirred-tank vessels in 5, 14, and 50 L total volume capacities. A compact controller enables advanced process management for research or cGMP manufacturing.

New Adaptor Kits are also now offered to enable your existing New Brunswick, Applikon or Sartorius controller to be used with CelliGen BLU Single-Use Vessels, rather than traditional autoclavable vessels.

Key Benefits include:

  • The single-use vessel eliminates autoclaving and cleaning, provides rapid turnaround between runs, reduces risk of contamination, reduces validation requirements and minimizes initial startup costs.
  • Stirred-tank design provides proven performance and scalability.
  • The integrated control station enables advanced gas management and process control.
  • Unique pH and DO technology makes probe insertion totally noninvasive, eliminating contamination risk and making probe autoclaving unnecessary.

Single-Use Vessels that Really Perform

The CelliGen BLU disposable bioreactor system is offered with lightweight 5, 14, and 50 liter single-use vessels, pre-sterilized and ready for use right out of the box – no cleaning or sterilization needed. All vessel components in product contact are made of USP Class VI materials and have been tested for leachables and extractables, making them appropriate for GMP environments. Applications include growth of mammalian and animal cell lines in batch, fed-batch and continuous culture.

Advanced System Control

New Brunswick Scientific's powerful RPC (Reactor Process Controller) firmware built provides integrated control up to 32 process parameters, and includes time-saving recipe features, built-in security and ability to simultaneously monitor up to 8 parameters on user-customizable trend graphs. Options such as 4-gas mixing and multiple thermal mass flow controllers provide all the tools needed to produce high cell densities. The compact control station also features integrated pumps and a large, intuitive, color touchscreen interface, with which users of New Brunswick's autoclavable CelliGen 310 and 510 may already be familiar.

  • Sophisticated Control Station includes intuitive touchscreen interface with adjustable position, 15" (38 cm) color display; 3 integrated pumps; magnetic-drive motor; control of temperature, pH, DO and 3- or 4-gas mixing; 2 USB ports; and 7 inputs and 7 outputs for addition of ancillary devices.
  • Gas Flow Control via 3 Thermal Mass Flow Controllers (TMFC) available in High and Low Flow configurations. Rotameter or TMFC for optional gas overlay.
  • Additional Options include scale for measuring additions and level, validation packages, gas analyzers, BioCommand® SCADA software and more.

Single-Use Stirred Tank Design

  • Interchangeable 5.0, 14.0, and 50.0 Liter Single-Use, Rigid-Wall Vessels are pre-sterilized, ready for use right out of the box – no cleaning, autoclaving or assembly needed.
  • Vessels include pitched-blade impeller, tubing and filters. Vessel headplates incorporate penetrations for RTD temperature sensor, pH and DO probes, addition (3), harvest, overlay, sampling and sparge.

To request a quote on a complete CelliGen BLU Single-Use Bioreactor system, click here or contact your local New Brunswick representative. Or for information on our new Adaptor Kits for existing bioreactors, click here.

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