Innova® ULT Laboratory Freezers

Product Announcement from Eppendorf AG

New Brunswick Scientific's Innova® ultra-low temperature lab freezers combine Vacuum Insulation Panel design with our cooling technology to provide the ultimate in space and power efficiency.

Eight ULT freezer models are now available, including our new slender Model Innova U360 designed to fit in even the tightest spaces; our unique personal-sized Innova U101, designed for use on or under the lab bench; and Innova U725, capable of holding up to 10,400 more samples than lab freezers of equal size. (We now also offer a hydrocarbon-based Model U725-G for European labs, providing advanced energy-savings and lower gashouse emissions.)

Features & Benefits of NBS Innova Lab Freezers

Increased Storage Capacity

  • Innova ULT laboratory freezers utilize Vacuum Insulation Panel technology to offer up to 30% more storage capacity than traditionally-insulated lab freezers, without altering external dimensions. For more details, click here


  • Flush, Front-Mounted Control Panel is easy to read and reach. Features a bright LED display; a flat touch-keypad for easy cleaning. Mounted at eye-level on all upright units
  • Easy-to-Open Door allows one-handed operation. Cam latch ensures secure door closure
  • Heated Air Vent with Spring-Assisted Plunger to Break Ice prevents vacuum formation, allowing door to be re-opened quickly
  • Low Noise & Low Heat Output allows freezer to be placed directly in the lab, without adversely affecting personnel
  • New Innova Inner Door System with Molded Grip and Ice-Proof Latch provides improved accessibility
  • Easy Mobility - all NBS freezers fit through a standard doorway and elevator; and are provided with heavy-duty casters. (Compact U101 provided with rear rollers)
  • Front-Mounted, Washable Filter is easily accessed without tools
  • Inner Doors Easily Lift Off without Tools for defrosting & cleaning.
  • Remote Control & Data Logging for up to 30 freezers is possible with optional CryoCommand™ software with RS-485 interface. (Not available on U360)

Sample Security

  • User-Defined Password Protects Alarm and Temperature Setpoints, preventing unauthorized users from altering your settings. (Uses a 4-digit code)
  • Keyed Locks on Outer Doors and Lids prevent unauthorized access to valuable samples. Optional padlock adapater kit available for added security
  • Lockable Plate Protects Power On-Off Switch, preventing accidentally shut off
  • Audible and Visual Alarms indicate high and low temperature conditions, power failure, low battery, fault conditions as well as when filter needs to be cleaned
  • Automatic Restart with non-volatile memory returns setpoints to user-programmed levels after power interrupt
  • Battery Backup maintains temperature settings and activates alarms during power outage
  • Optional CO2 & LN2 Backup Systems protect freezer contents
  • Remote Contacts provide connection to an external user-supplied security system

Energy Efficient

  • NBS Lab Freezers Consume Less Power per Kilowatt-Hour than ULT freezers of similar size, resulting in lower energy bills. So you'll save thousands of dollars in operating costs over the lifetime of your freezer. For energy savings worksheet, click here. To view electrical cord plug and receptacle requirements, click here.
  • Rapid Temperature Recovery After Door Opening provides enhanced sample security

Other Design Advantages

  • Unique Automatic Reset feature protects the microprocessor controller from harm caused by electrical spikes
  • Internal Voltage Stabilizer evens out voltage fluctuations, maintaining stable power (60 Hz models only, excluding U101 & U360. External option on U101. Slide-in stabilizer optional on U360)
  • Two Pass-Through Ports allow CO2/LN2 injection or addition of probes
  • Two-Stage Cascade Refrigeration system uses industrial-grade, commercially available, hermetically-sealed compressors

Warranty and After-Sales Support

  • All NBS freezers are covered by an industry-leading FIVE-YEAR limited warranty. Two years covering parts and labor - with THREE ADDITIONAL YEARS covering parts. Additionally, Innova vacuum insulation panels are warranteed for TWELVE YEARS
  • Freezer Accessories, such as chart recorders or back-up systems, carry a one-year warranty on parts and labor
  • Customizable extended warranties and preventive maintenance plans can also be tailored to best suit your individual requirements. Contact us for details
  • Every NBS freezer is also equipped with unique S.M.A.R.T. Plus™ diagnostic software to help quickly identify the cause of a fault or setpoint variance. Easily accessed through the front control panel, S.M.A.R.T. (Systems Monitoring and Reporting Technology), can be used to identify and correct problems, often over the phone at no charge, with the aid of our trained service technicians. S.M.A.R.T. Plus not only eliminates unnecessary service calls, but provides advance diagnosis, so should an on-site repair become necessary, the service engineer arrives at your facility with the components needed to complete the repair
  • Compressor and biodegradable gasses are commercially available, for ready replacement, anywhere in the world
  • NBS freezers conform to European WEEE Directives affecting disposal
  • NBS freezers are backed by one of the largest service organizations, comprised of in-house technicians, field engineers, and factory-authorized service centers in your local area

Click here to download our Freezers & Accessories brochure (pdf)