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Pilot to Production Fermentors & Bioreactors

Product Announcement from Eppendorf, Inc.

New Brunswick Scientific's benchtop or mobile 510 culture systems are cGMP-compliant, sterilizable-in-place systems for pilot through production applications. The BioFlo fermentors are ideal for growth of any bacteria, yeast, or fungi, while the CelliGen bioreactors have been designed for culturing mammalian, insect or plant cell lines. Both provide system flexibility, convenient operation and advanced control.

Modular Fermentor / Bioreactor Design Provides System Flexibility.

Easily add or remove system components at any time, pre- or post-delivery to accomodate changes in your process requirements.

  • Numerous ports in the vessel headplate and sidewall provide flexibility to position probes, spray balls, addition valves, pressure transducer and more, wherever needed.
  • Multiple gas flow options let you optimize control, based on your process needs. Up to 4 Thermal Mass Flow Controllers (TMFCs) can be employed, or choose a Rotameter;(5 TMFCs are available in the CelliGen 510, 4 when using a gas overlay).
  • Capable of batch, fed-batch and continuous (perfusion) modes.
  • Multiple impeller options provide flexibility to achieve high yields from a wide variety of cell types.
  • Optional SCADA software, validation packages, sprayballs for vessel clean-in-place, redundant pH/DO probes, resterilizable sample and addition valves, and more, are available to customize the fermentor / bioreactor systems for your lab or production-floor requirements.

Advanced Controller Optimizes Results.

  • Simultaneously regulate up to 32 process loops using our sophisticated RPC Reactor Process Controller.
  • Front-accessed, analog inputs and outputs allow you to integrate up to 14 sensors, analyzers, flow controllers or other external devices, for optimized system control.
  • Security, built into the fermentor's control system, offers two user groups unique user-defined passwords and auto log-out.
  • Touchscreen control screens are exceptionally easy to navigate, to simplify setup, calibration, sterilization and monitoring. (Synoptic view shown.)
  • Trend eight process parameters simultaneously. Store up to ten batch recipes. Program & monitor sterilization cycles, gas flow, PI values, and more.

Production-Scale Fermentor / Bioreactor Fits on the Bench! Advanced Controller Optimizes Results.

  • At just 45.5" wide x 34.0" deep (116 x 86 cm), the compact BioFlo 510 fermentor and CelliGen 510 bioreactor fit on any lab bench. Or, move and operate them on our sturdy, optional, stainless-steel mobile skid.
  • A built-in load cell precisely measures vessel contents, enabling integrated control of pumps for automatic addition of fresh media, pH, DO, or foam control agents, or harvesting. Measurements are displayed on the RPC interface for easy tracking.
  • Sterile vessel connections, flush with the vessel's interior, virtually eliminate deadlegs, minimizing contamination risk and simplifying cleaning.
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