FTC1 Flexible Tube Cutter

Product Announcement from Eraser Company, Inc.

The Eraser Company offers a wide range of tubing cutters, including the FTC1 Flexible Tubing Cutter. This manual feed machine features a foot-pedal activated cutter head to slice through a variety of material types.  Model FTC1 is capable of processing material such as PVC, nylon, rubber, vinyl and many others.  Material size can range from less than 1/4" up to  1 1/8" in diameter, depending on the material.  This easy to use machine can achieve a minimum cut length of 2" and an unlimited maximum cut length. The convenient length stop rod allows for accurate and repeatable cut lengths. Custom bushings are required to hold material securely in place. Use the Eraser Certification Program to send in sample material and let our technical experts determine the correct bushing size for your application.

See Eraser's Tubing Cutters in action on YouTube! 

About The Eraser Company, Inc.
The Eraser Company, Inc., celebrating over 100 years in business, manufactures a wide range of machinery that enables customers to manufacture, prepare, and process, wire, cable, and tubing products more efficiently, effectively, and profitably. The company is ISO 9001:2008 Certified, and their products can be found worldwide. For more information on Eraser's entire product line visit www.eraser.com or call 315-454-3237.