DCF Portable Magnet & Enamel Wire Strippers

Product Announcement from Eraser Company, Inc.

DCF Series Portable Magnet and Enamel Wire Strippers. A lightweight hand-piece is driven by a variable speed power unit, which controls three carbide stripping blades. This tool is ideal for repair as well as production stripping of armatures, coils, chokes, transformers, relays and solenoids.

  • 35AWG to 9AWG (.14mmø - 2.90mmø)
  • Strip lengths from 3/32" - 2 1/2" (2.38 - 63.5mm). Drilled through models avalable for infinite strip lengths.
  • The DCF is available in several different models to strip round magnet wires as well as flat and rectangular magnet wires.
  • The unit is also capable of twisting material, such as stranded insulated wires..

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