6-Pack Capacitor Banks

Product Announcement from Evans Capacitor Company

These "6 pack" capacitor banks provide a completely wired and sealed assembly of six THQ3 Hybrid Capacitors. The capacitor bank assembly consists of the six internal THQ capacitors are soldered to custom circuit boards, with all necessary balancing resistors, and wiring. The assembly is then completely sealed and epoxy potted in the rugged aluminum case. The six THQ3 capacitors are wired in parallel for higher capacitance. The case is anodized aluminum with threaded insert holes for mounting. Outside dimensions are 4.47" X 2.99" X 1.07". Three (3) feet of 16 AWG (red, green, black) wire is provided.

6P (parallel bank) Ratings are: 900,000µF at 10V, 540,000 µF at 16V, 320,000µF at 25V, 220,000µF at 35V, 140,000µF at 50V, 70,000µF at 63V, 50,000µF at 80V, 30,000µF at 100V, 20,000µF at 125V