Packaged THQ3 Hybrid® Capacitor

Product Announcement from Evans Capacitor Company

A Packaged THQ3 Hybrid Capacitor is available for harsh environmental conditions. The THQ3 capacitor is rigidly contained in an anodized aluminum package, fully potted with epoxy. The case contains threaded insert mounting holes on the base. This packaged unit is suitable for higher vibration environments, where the capacitor must be clamped in place with considerable force.

Standard Ratings (85C): 150,000 µF at 10V, 90,000µF at 16V, 54,000µF at 25V, 36,000µF at 35V, 24,000µF at 50V, 12,000µF at 63V, 8.200µF at 80V, 5,700µF at 100V, 4,500µF at 110V, 3,300µF at 125V