THS Hybrid® Capacitor

Product Announcement from Evans Capacitor Company

The THS3 Hybrid capacitor combines the features of the THQ3 series capacitor with a higher energy density footprint. An almost square footprint provides more surface area, and volume for tantalum anodes, with a resulting 30% increase in capacitance over the standard THQ3 device. The close packing allowed by the square shape, makes the THS3 perfect for large energy storage needs, where space is at a premium.

Standard Ratings (85C): 190,000 µF at 10V, 115,000µF at 16V, 70,000µF at 25V, 45,000µF at 35V, 30,000µF at 50V, 15,000µF at 63V, 11,000µF at 80V, 7,500µF at 100V, 4,200µF at 125V