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Gill 60mm Blade Inductive Position Sensor-Image

The Gill 60mm Blade Sensor is an inductive position sensor, capable of monitoring linear (0-60mm) and angular (0-90º) position of a metallic ‘activator’ mounted to or formed as part of the moving part of the application.

This solid-state inductive position sensor utilises Gill’s patented induction technology, with no moving sensor parts ensuring long sensor life and high reliability. Environmentally protected to IP67, the Blade60 Inductive Position Sensor is suitable for fully submerged installations and applications subject to salt spray or regular jet washing.

The materials used are compatible with most aggressive industrial and automotive fluids, so mounting fully submerged within a vehicle transmission, for example, is possible.

Size: 77.0mm x 32.5mm x 6.0mm (3.03" x 1.28" x 0.24")

Weight: 25.6 grams (0.90 ounces)

Range: ± 45º Angular; ±30mm Linear

Protection: IP67

Technical Datasheet


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