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Long Life and Compact Linear Actuators!

GSX Series linear actuators combine the advantages of Exlar's roller screw technology and T-LAM stator technology to create a powerful and robust linear solution. Exlar uses a specially designed roller screw mechanism for converting electric motor power into linear motion within the actuator. Planetary rollers assembled around the actuator's extending rod follow threads which are precisely machined on the inside surface of the actuator's hollow armature. Exlar's stainless steel GSX20 is shown right.

Linear motion is produced in precise synchronization with the armature rotation. Because this roller screw mechanism has an inherently larger cumulative contact surface, these actuators have a much longer working life, and can handle heavier loads at higher speeds than is possible from a similarly sized unit built around a ball screw system.

T-LAM Advantages

An innovative motor design has also been incorporated into the GSX Series. Exlar's T-LAM segmented lamination stator technology provides a 35-50% increase in continuous motor torque over traditional motor windings. T-LAM technology consists of stator segments, each containing individual phase wiring for maximum motor performance. The improved efficiencies of the GSX Series are a result of the reduced heat generation qualities inherent in the segmented stator design as seen below. The elimination of end turns in the stator and use of thermally conductive potting increases the robustness of the components. Other design advantages include:

  • Neodymium iron boron magnets for high flux density and maximum motor torque.
  • Thermally conductive potting of the entire stator for increased heat dissipation and protection from contamination in oil-cooled units.
  • Each stator segment contains individual phase wiring. External winding of individual segments provides maximum slot fill for maximum motor performance.
  • Motors with T-LAM technology offer a Class H 180 degree C, 460Vrms (700VDC) insulation system compliant with UL requirements.
  • Neodymium Iron Boron magnet material
  • 130 degree C continuous rated motor stator temperature
  • UL recognized component.
  • CE compliant.

Integrated Motor/Actuator - One Compact Unit

With other actuator technologies, you are usually responsible for engineering the complete linear motion system. This usually includes purchasing the motor, gear reducer, timing belt, mounting hardware, flexible couplings, etc. separately. Then they all must be assembled to perform properly in a given application.

GSX Series actuators eliminate all this systems engineering. These units are single, fully integrated component packages - much smaller than traditional rotary-to-linear conversion mechanisms.

Designed for Closed Loop Servo Systems

Their brushless servo design means GSX Series units can be used in advanced closed-loop servo systems when velocity and positioning is required. Position feedback can be delivered in a number of different forms. These include resolvers, encoders or internally mounted linear position feedback sensors.

Sealed for Long Life with Minimum Maintenance

GSX Series actuators have strong advantages whenever outside contaminants are an issue. In most rotary-to-linear devices, critical mechanisms are exposed to the environment. Thus, they must be frequently inspected, cleaned and lubricated.

In contrast, all converting components in any Exlar GSX units are mounted within the sealed motor housing. With a simple bushing and seal arrangement on the smooth extending rod, abrasive particles or other contaminants are prevented from reaching the actuator's critical mechanisms. This assures trouble-free operation even in the most harsh environments.

Lubrication requirements are minimal. GSX actuators can be lubricated with either grease or recirculated oil. Grease lubricated units will run up to 10,000 hours without re-greasing. Recirculated oil systems eliminate this type of maintenance altogether. A GSX Series actuator with a properly operating recirculating oil system will operate indefinitely without any other lubrication requirements.

Integrated Force Sensing Option

Exlar offers its GSX30, 40 nd 50 model actuators with an integrated load cell for force measuring capability. This option offers a convenient method for obtaining electronic data relating to the force being applied by the actuator. The load cell is a strain gauge type, offering you stable and accurate load sensing in both the tension and compression directions, and for static or dynamic loads. The packaging of the strain gauges are integral to the actuator's housing, offering a compact, protected robust design. Click here to download a .pdf of the four-page brochure including details and specifications.

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