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CO 2 Detection Modules, Air Quality Sensor

Product Announcement from FIS Inc.

CO 2 Detection Modules, Air Quality Sensor -Image

Application of Semiconductor CO 2 Sensor SP6-AQ7 Standard modules: SDM-CO2 Series

For CO 2 detection for Air Quality Control and for environmental monitoring systems.

A full range of standard modules with a variable analogue output signal is available.


  • Indoor Air Quality systems
  • Ventilation fan controls



  • Suitable for indoor air quality systems monitoring CO 2 in the range between 400 ppm to 2000 ppm.
  • Achieving a low cost CO 2 monitoring device for air quality system in buildings.
  • No maintenance.

FIS has developed a new Air Quality sensor which monitors the CO 2 concentration based on the semiconductor gas sensor technology: SP6- AQ7. This sensor uses a combination of La doped tin-dioxide sensor with an increased sensitivity to CO 2 and an un-doped sensing material for humidity compensation.

Each sensing material is formed on an alumina substrate of 2 mm square and 0.3 mm thickness. These elements are heated to approx. 300 ºC by applying 5V - 230 mW to the RuO 2 (ruthenium dioxide) thick film heater printed on the reverse side of substrate. These two elements are mounted on a sensor base and placed in a filter housing.

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