Product Announcement from FLEXIM AMERICAS Corp.

Flow Meter for High Temperatures-Image

FLEXIM's WaveInjector® has been specially engineered for high-temperature flow measurement applications. Using patented technology, the WaveInjector thermally separates the ultrasonic transducers from the hot pipe, allowing measurement at temperatures up to 400°. The ultrasonic transducers are simply clamped to the outer surface of the pipe, using coupling plates for acoustic contact.

Once installed, the ultrasonic flow transducers do not suffer wear and tear from the process fluid, and they create no pressure drop. They are thus amongst other ideal for refinery applications where one finds many viscous or abrasive liquids, often at extremely high temperatures.


➔ Trouble-free operation at high temperatures

➔ No clogging, even with dirty or fouling fluids

➔ No pressure loss

➔ Install and maintain without interrupting the process

➔ No extra risk of leaks

➔ No pressure ports

➔ Fits all standard pipe sizes from DN 40 upwards

➔ Certified for hazardous areas

➔ Accurate and reproducible, even at very low flows

➔ Wide dynamic range

➔ Independent of medium conductivity and pressure

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