FLEXmount DFM 200 White

Product Announcement from FLEXcon Company, Inc.

FLEXmount DFM 200 White-Image

FLEXmount® DFM 200 White, part of FLEXcon's VBS line of products, is a double-coated white polyester laminate for screen printed graphics. As an alternative to flood coats of white ink, it's an ideal solution for backmounted graphics.

Replacing a flood coat of white ink with double-coated white polyester provides a uniform white background to the screen printed graphics. FLEXcon offers two standard constructions of FLEXmount DFM 200 White, a Better and Supreme. They provide the same opacity, but with different constructions to meet converting method and end-use application requirements.

FLEXmount® DFM 200 White V-23 150-Poly H-9 V-23 Spec 50K-7: VBS 'Value' product provides a cost saving alternative to flood coating white ink. Its general purpose, permanent, acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive provides a good bond to a variety of surfaces.

FLEXmount® DFM 200 White A-326 V-29 84 D/F PFT (1.9-2.1): VBS 'Supreme' product is ideal for outdoor applications/ consumer durables and industrial equipment. It can be used on backmounted graphics and as a mounting film.

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