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Infrared Solutions for Body Temperature Detection-Image

FLIR A320 series thermal imagers can detect elevated body temperature, which may be an indicator of numerous physical conditions including fever. By being able to detect elevated body temperature, the A320 series thermal imagers can be utilized to screen individuals based upon skin temperature. Those individuals having elevated body temperatures can be further evaluated by a health professional using medical diagnostic tools at their disposal.

FLIR has deployed hundreds of infrared cameras to various government agencies, airports, hospitals, schools, manufacturers and others worldwide to screen people for elevated body temperatures.

Built-in "Automatic Temperature Compensator" (ATC)

Initially developed during the global SARS epidemic, FLIRs unique "Automatic Temperature Compensator" normalizes for variations in ambient temperatures (i.e. room temperature), allowing operators to correctly identify out-of-norm persons as compared to the body temperature of all others in close proximity or an average group body temperature. This proprietary algorithm helps operators pick the hot person out of the crowd, and reduces the chance for human/operator error.

Plug & Play Capabilities
The A320 hosts a robust connectivity feature set, allowing for real-time temperature measurement with analog and MPEG-4 digital video output. It is also compatible with third part network video recording (NVR) packages, and can be configured for multiple users/locations over standard Ethernet connections.

Temperature Measurement Accuracy
FLIR infrared cameras are used extensively for temperature measurement applications across a wide range of industries and applications. Indeed, tens of thousands of FLIR thermal imagers are used worldwide for their ability to render an accurate temperature measurement of 2° C.

Color Alarming
The infrared cameras FLIR recommends for this application are the fixed-mount A320 and the portable or handheld T360. Both have the "color alarming" feature which allows you to set a visible and/or audible alarm when, for example, a temperature of 101°F is detected. When the infrared camera detects a body temperature of 101°F or higher, it automatically colors that area of the face. This further helps the operator to "see" the prospect of an elevated body temperature more quickly and easily.

Portable, handheld T360 infrared camera showing "threshold fusion" with color alarming on a visible image.

Threshold Fusion
Another feature helpful to those working in the field, so to speak, is "threshold fusion." This allows the operator to view individuals through a FLIR camera much like one would do with an ordinary video camcorder, however, the thermal temperature data and color alarming features are set in the background.

In this case, the color alarming will occur over the visible image of an individuals face.

Visible image showing color alarming using threshold fusion technology.

An additional benefit of threshold fusion is that a visible picture as opposed to a thermal picture is far easier to match with a human face. This is helpful to the operator who needs to ask someone to step aside to be further evaluated by a health professional.

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T360 for Body Temperature Detection

A320 for Body Temperature Detection

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