FMG-DRY™ Pumps -- FS1302

Product Announcement from FMG Enterprises, Inc.

 FMG-DRY™ Pumps -- FS1302 -Image


With 27 years of experience in the vacuum industry FMG knows a good product. At FMG we are dedicated to maintaining our reputation for excellence. Our factory trained and certified personnel on the new FMG-DRY will protect our customer's high standards of service support, and we are confident in putting FMG's name on this product.

Competitive Attributes

  • FMG's 'Lotus Effect' delivers improved uptime and better cost of ownership
  • No Elastomer oil seals; no Teflon tip seals; no oil leaks
  • Quality shaft seal 'piston ring' design, no leakage, no bearing issues
  • Hi-Tech Ceramics using silicon carbide protect the rotors and casing, for extreme harsh processes
  • Quality, proven electro-mechanical construction giving sustainable performance when you need it. Backed by essential electronics, for online production management

You can further design and build your pump to meet your personalized specifications, as well as deciding on what ancillary attributes you require or do not require for the operation of your pump. Want covers, chose covers. Want a controller, chose a controller. Want a heater, chose a heater. Build what you want, with the rotor coating you require for your perfect set up, from a proven reliable pump, from a proven reliable supplier.

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