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Meeting the high performance of an optical encoder, but providing much smaller size, IXARC magnetic encoders can replace optical encoders in almost all applications, even in dynamic situations like motor feedback applications.

  • Contact- free Measurement
  • Available with Incremental and SSI Interfaces
  • Realtime 16 bit Resolution
  • 16384 Pulses per Revolution
  • 12 bit Accuracy
  • Up to 38 bit Revolutions
  • Compact Size down to 36 mm Diameter
  • Different Mechanical Options

Incremental Interface

IXARC  magnetic encoders provide an incremental interface with A, B, Z, and inverted signals available as HTL (Push-Pull) or TTL (RS422). Customers can choose any integer pulse count up to 16384 pulses per revolution. Combined with all mechanical options, a full portfolio of over 10,000 incremental encoders is available now in our product finder.

Flexible Configuration

Compared to the previous generation of magnetic encoders, IXARC offers full control of the signal-processing. Depending on the application it is possible to adjust all relevant parameters without any costly changes on the hardware.

No Battery – No Maintenance

IXARC magnetic encoders have a battery free design. As a result they have a long lifetime without maintenance since batteries are the most common cause of poor reliability for such devices.

No Gear – 100% Absolute

IXARC also offers 100% absolute measurement and continues to record rotations even if no power is supplied, and providing the output signal right after activation. Because of its gearless mechanics the IXARC is wear-free and can withstand high shock and vibration conditions.

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