SMOOTH OPERATOR- Self Lubricating Timing Belt

Product Announcement from Fenner Precision

SMOOTH OPERATOR- Self Lubricating Timing Belt-Image

Fenner Precision has engineered a new belt compound with special additives to provide self-lubricating properties and a super low-friction surface, without the need for traditional fabric facings.  Benefits include:

-          Low Noise

-          Clean – No Grease

-          Reduced System Cost

-          Energy Efficient

-          Enhanced Fit – No Belt Climbing

-          Durable Performance

This new product has been uniquely designed to reduce friction on both sides of the belt.  The tooth-side is self-lubricating for superior efficiency and the back-side of the belt offers superior low-friction properties which reduce drag and friction.  

This smooth belt construction is perfect for medical equipment and other applications where low-friction and clean operation is required.