APDs for Range Finding and Distance Measurement

Product Announcement from First Sensor AG

APDs for Range Finding and Distance Measurement-Image

First Sensor AG offers a wide selection of Silicon APDs for range finding and distance measurement applications.

Available are four APD product lines optimized for specific laser wavelengths.

  • Series 8 features very high sensitivity for 800 nm lasers and rise times between 150 ps and 350 ps depending on active area size making it ideal for distance measurement applications.
  • Series 9 is optimized for range finding with 900 nm laser sources with typical rise times of 500 ps.
  • Series 12 is developed for photonic mixer applications with red laser sources, allowing cut-off-frequencies of up to 3 GHz for highest accuracy distance measurement
  • Series 10 features high sensitivity for 1064 nm YAG laser and targets especially the long range applications.

All APDs are available in sizes from 100µm diameter up to 5000µm diameter and include several TO and SMD packaging options. Custom developments for intermediate wavelengths, different gain properties or specific APD geometries are available upon request.

Please contact sales at sales.opto@first-sensor.com or visit our website for detailed information.

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