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Avalanche Photodiodes for LIDAR Applications

Product Announcement from First Sensor AG

Avalanche Photodiodes for LIDAR Applications-Image

LIDAR is an optical remote sensing technology. Compared to the similar radar technology, LIDAR has the significant advantage of a much higher angular resolution. Further, LIDAR systems can usually be produced at lower costs because of the less expensive components and a single system can cover short and long ranges. Preferentially, avalanche photodiodes (APDs) are used as detectors for LIDAR applications due to their high sensitivity and fast rise times for very low optical signal strength and high modulation frequencies.

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First Sensors high performance APDs enable LIDAR systems in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) such as adaptive cruise control (ACC) or collision avoidance systems to identify and distinguish the horizontal or vertical position of objects with very high precision. LIDAR systems are also used for meteorological applications such as wind speed and cloud height measurements. Scanning the earth's surface for cartography or 3D mapping is another large application field for LIDAR systems.

First Sensor manufactures and improves silicon APDs for over 20 years. The Series 9 APDs are optimized for 905 nm laser radiation, feature high quantum efficiency, fast rise times, low noise and slow slope gain curves and are therefore particularly suited for LIDAR applications. The product line includes single element APDs as well as arrays in 5x5 (25 APD-pixel) and 8x8 (64 APD-pixel) matrix geometries and in linear configuration with up to 16 elements. The devices are available in ceramic or plastic encapsulated SMD packages or hermetically sealed TO housings.

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