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New “Blue/Green” enhanced Silicon Photodiodes-Image

New "Blue/Green" enhanced Silicon Photodiodes

November 1, 2008-Pacific Silicon Sensor in association with First Sensor AG announce a new line of silicon PIN photodiodes, the "-6B Series". Blue/Green enhanced for use in the 400-600nm range with QE >70% at 410nm and >85% at 532nm, these low capacitance and ultra-low dark current devices are a superior choice for eye response, visible band-pass filter detectors & scintillation crystal applications. Available now in most of our standard detector active area sizes from 1mm2 to 100 mm2, packaged to meet your application's requirements. For data sheets and ordering information use the following link:

Pacific Silicon Sensor is part of the First Sensor Group and are World leaders in Silicon Sensor Technology. More can be found at or by calling (818) 706-3400 (USA) or +49 30 6399 2399 in Germany.

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