New Gamma Detector

Product Announcement from First Sensor AG

New Gamma Detector-Image

First Sensor offers photodiode arrays for non-destructive X-ray analysis and inspection. Our photodiode arrays are optimized for the detection of X-ray radiation by scintillator luminescence in the blue and green spectral region. Scintillator materials like CsI or BGO convert high energy radiation into visible light by luminescence which is then detected by photodiodes. Single digit picoampere dark currents of the photodiodes ensure high sensitivity and accuracy in the application. Due to the minimal edge spacing of the photodiode elements the arrays are particularly suitable for a seamless linear arrangement of multiple components with a constant photodiode pitch. First Sensor has six different 16 element X-ray arrays in high volume production. Customization of photodiodes and packages as well as components with scintillator crystal is available upon special request.

Non-destructive X-ray analysis is used for security application such as baggage and cargo scanning as well as for food inspection and fluorescence analysis.

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