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Hard Coat Permanent Insulation

Product Announcement from Firwin Corp.

Hard Coat Permanent Insulation-Image

Firwin HC - Hard Coat Insulation for Engine Parts and Exhausts Firwin HC Hard Coat insulation is an alternative to removable insulation blankets. Made of a high heat-resistant composite material, Firwin HC is applied to the engine or exhaust part at their facility. Firwin offers an industry-leading fast turnaround time of 3 weeks. Its durable and lightweight hard exterior clings tightly to the part, preventing fluids from igniting on hot engine and exhaust parts. Firwin HC is an ideal insulation solution for industries such as mining and marine.

Applications: Exhaust Manifolds, Turbochargers, Elbows, Exhaust Tubing.

Industries: Mining, Marine, Defense, Aerospace.

- Conforms tightly to part.
- Can be used in limited space applications.
- Prevents fluids from igniting on hot engine & exhaust parts.
- High temperature performance: Ideal for engine compartment components requiring long-term exposure to high temperatures.
- Non flammable.
- Protects personnel from burns.
- Lowers ambient temperature - cooler engine compartment, less heat stress on operators and maintenance personnel.
- More durable and long lasting than removable insulation blankets - not prone to tearing, does not become brittle over time.

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