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Marine Exhaust Insulation

Service Detail from Firwin Corp.

Marine Exhaust Insulation-Image

When considering insulating marine exhaust components, Removable/Reusable Insulation (as opposed to permanent insulation) has a number of advantages:

Modular - made up in convenient size panels or sections, and can be easily be installed or removed by a ship's crew - only sufficient blankets have to be removed to enable a particular maintenance or inspection job to be done.

After service/maintenance the blanket can be replaced without special tools.

Although slightly more expensive than permanent insulation it becomes more and more economical every time you remove and replace a module.

These blankets are ideal for engine manifolds, turbochargers, flexes, expansion joints, valves of all types, flanges, and sight glasses and also any equipment that has to be repaired/serviced in remote areas where insulation contractors are not readily available.

Measurements are taken on site, the blankets usually made off site in a factory, and the ship's crew can do installation.

In order to be able to replace blankets that are damaged or require to be replaced the manufacturer usually keeps complete records of each blanket on hand.

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